Chevy Cruze production to restart

by Chuck Capps on December 18, 2011

Chevrolet CruzeGM has announced that they will restart production of the Chevrolet Cruze on Sunday after a part shortage caused a stop in production nearly a week ago. Production of the Cruze will begin in the Lordstown, Ohio plant during the third shift, the one that starts in the evening. A supplier issue caused GM to suspend production on December 12th. GM has not announced what the issue was or who the supplier is, but sources familiar with the situation say it was a shortage of struts used in the suspension of GM’s best selling car. Come check out the comparable Nissan Versa at your 2012 Seattle Nissan Versa dealer. The same supplier issue has affected the Buick Verano which uses the same platform as the Cruze. Production of the Cruze and Verano were suspended due to a  “customer satisfaction”  issue with the part The New York Times reported, citing Buick spokesman Nick Richards.

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